Entrepreneurship: Boss Babe Series

Ashley Cruz – May 16, 2020

Boss Babe: Model Turned Lifestyle Photographer

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your career ready to make a shift? 

For many, this is all too real. Especially with the global crises we are all experiencing. Job changes and the possible need to make a complete career overhaul. Have you ever wondered;  “What will I do next?”

Well “Eiffel Beauté’s” you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you how!

I had the privilege of interviewing my good friend and personal mentor Kristen Jensen for my first ever blog post. Also for my first part of the Boss Babe series. 

 Kristen Jensen is a former Ford Model turned Lifestyle Photographer, Director, Public Speaker, Content Creator and all around awesome Boss Babe. Kristen has traveled extensively to over 30 countries. Including photo shoots along the Nile River, she even climbed the great Pyramids of Egypt. Oh, did I mention she’s photographed celebrities Harry Connick Jr. and Demi Moore just to name a few?

I’ve worked with Kristen for many years now, making our clients hair and makeup ready for flawless shoots. I’ve seen first hand how she’s a total Boss Babe which makes her an absolute expert in her craft. 

I’m really excited for you “Eiffel Beauté’s” to know and love Kristen, as much as I do.

Watch our video Interview to get inspired!!


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Take a look at Kristen’s promo video