Ashley Cruz - July 9, 2020

Boss Babe Series Ep 2: Podcaster and New Author Amy Schmidt

Lets face it! After most women hit Midlife they feel the need to settle for what their life has become. Some may say “I feel like if I haven't reached my goals early in life before marriage and kids it's too late now!”

Does this sound familiar? Have you beautiful woman reading this, just settled? A quote by Robin Sharma I find really powerful and I try to live by is “The Heartbreak of Regret is Always 100X bigger than the pain of trying and failing”.

Whatever stage in life you are in, Do not settle! Become the person you dreamed you would be. In my second interview (also part of my Boss Babe series) I interviewed Amy Schmidt, author of “Cannon ball fearlessly facing midlife and beyond” and host of the wildly successful Podcast “Fearlessly Facing Fifty”. She has interviewed fantastic women and many celebrities including my favorite podcast episode: #38 with Maye Musk international model and Covergirl (also Elon Musk’s mom!) Amy is not afraid to tackle big issues women of all ages go through. She also shares with us her secret weapon of battling the negative self narrative with her “Tell me Something Good Jar”. She teaches us how to live fearlessly with confidence and passion at any age.

Amy has a wealth of knowledge and her mission translates well with her favorite mantra:

 “You haven’t peaked yet your just getting started”

I’m really excited for you “Eiffel Beauté’s” to be inspired by Amy as much as I have!

Amy Schmidt

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