My Story

For the past decade, I have enjoyed concepting, collaborating and executing advertising campaigns, editorials and wedding events. The opportunity to become an international hairstylist and makeup artist has been a dream come true. As a true creator and innovator, I strive to push the creative boundaries. Having the ability to speak five languages, namely, French, Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese my creative vision has had no boundaries.


Eiffel Beauté is all about beauty, experiences and feelings. Eiffel Beauté is for those who like beautiful things in life, and more specifically, are aiming to look and feel beautiful.


My vision is to keep it positive, spontaneous, and multidimensional. I enjoy bringing value to others. I am inspired when I am in the moment, I get so caught up and engaged I don’t see the time flying by.


Since 2013, Eiffel Beauté has been featured both in print and online in prestigious magazines, newspapers and websites such as Condé Nast. I have had the honor of collaborating in various projects with brands I love, such the knot, Rustic Wedding Chic and Glamour.

For future collaborations, please contact me.


Five Questions with Ashley Cruz

1) Why did you start Eiffel Beauté?

I live for traveling and its one of my biggest passions. Thus, with the desire to achieve timeless and impeccable beauty I want to provide my clients with the services they deserve.

2) What films and artists have had the biggest impact on your creative outlook?

Biggest inspiration hands down Audrey Hepburn. Early in my hairdressing career she was my inspiration. Her class, style and humility always resonated with me and it encompasses all that Eiffel Beauté brand is. The film that inspires me—– naturally is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

3) When do you feel most creative?

I feel most creative when I am traveling especially to big cities in Europe like Milan, Paris, or New York. Every city has its own personality and take on current trends. As I draw upon these differences, I can translate and create the Eiffel Beauté aesthetic.

4) What is your daily uniform?

My daily uniform are clean lines: Audrey Hepburn being my style icon. Classy never goes out of style. When I’m working on my craft you will typically see me wearing black; it’s simple, elegant and professional.

5) Anything that might be surprising to learn about you?

I’m a bit of a linguist. I currently speak: English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. I like to be able to speak in the language of peoples hearts. It connects me with people at the deepest level of their human emotion. When we are able to connect this is where true understanding begins and where relationships flourish.